Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Match Made in Heaven

For those of you who don't know, it is now quite official that I am getting married, and very soon. Therefore, a formal blog post relating to my personal life is in order, I believe.

I will be marrying
Claire Larson on December 14, 2007. For more information about how we met, see our wedding site, which contains as well directions to the Springville Art Museum, where our open house will be held this Saturday (tomorrow!), November 24, 2007. Any reader of my blog who gets this message in time is more than welcome to come and crash the party. We will be serving moderate refreshments and you can meet my lovely bride to be, as well as our close families and friends. The event starts at 7pm and goes until 9pm.

Claire and I have begun a
together blog where we will post more details that pertain to the both of us together, as a new sort of entity. This will keep me from turning this blog into a personal sort of "Oh my gosh I love Claire so much" sort of blog, which the together blog is sure to become (unless of course, Claire finds a way to manage me).

Thanks for your good wishes and kind words. I hope to see you all at the event.

The Interconnection of Mr. Daily

For all you fans of movies out there, a new one has just popped up on the internet called The Interconnection of Mr. Daily. The remarkable feature in this film, however, is not its potential to become a blockbuster smash despite its never having been released in the theater or on DVD, but the fact that I, yes, your most humble and dashing blog-post-writer, I wrote the screenplay for the film, and I, yes, I the magnificent and benevolent one, I helped produce and make this film.

If you want to know more about it, you can follow the link above by clicking on the name of the film. Another option is to go to the main website of Bombdotcom Productions and read the blog post I wrote there explaining the details of the film, and urging our readership to view the film for a multitude of reasons. Since this blog is all about me, the film is now part of the required viewing catalog for anyone who wishes to continue reading this blog. It is also available on YouTube, so, get at it.

For anyone interested in reading the actual screenplay, it is no longer available on the internet, but I'd be glad to email you a copy. Alternatively, you can wait until I make it available on
Celtx, which should be soon. In the meantime, you can read some of my other scripts on there.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

For Sale Only

So, I began to watch the film 1408 today, and found the following image looking back at me:

I was confused. "Am I allowed to watch this film?" I thought to myself. "Or must I go out and attempt to sell it?" The message seemed quite clear: in order to get any use out of this film, I would have to sell it. Unfortunately, I had rented this film from Hollywood Video, and would have had to answer to them if I sold it. I thought that perhaps I should take the matter up with them, since they clearly rented the film to me, and did not sell it as they should have. Ultimately, however, I decided to watch it. Who ever took the advice of a screen that appears for only two seconds before the film even begins?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bill Clinton in Utah

The big event today was taking place up in Salt Lake City, with the visit of former President of the United States Bill Clinton to the University of Utah. He came to support his wife Hillary in her political campaign for president.

I accompanied my brother and mother to this event, which cost us each $50 dollars to attend. In exchange for our money we received red wristbands which gained us entrance to the seats on the floor. We sat about 12 rows back, on the right hand side, looking at the podium. The ballroom sat around 1,500 people, with some in standing room only for $30 dollars. Arriving early (about 2:00 PM, the event started at 3:00 PM, and Clinton didn't begin speaking till well after that), we were able to get good seats, and even shake hands with him afterwards.

His speech felt more like a political discussion with a good friend whom you respect, rather than a pro-Hillary rally. Bill assured us that Hillary would have his vote even if she was not his wife. He had a great understanding of world politics and the important issues that America faces in the future. He argued that Hillary would be the best-suited for dealing with these problems. His points were convincing, and I am now much more a Hillary supporter than I was previously. It will certainly be interesting to see how the race for president turns out this year. I find it very interesting that Bill Clinton said that he liked all of the Democratic nominees, and even a few of the Republican ones.

On the local news channels, my family got plenty of screen time. My brother,
Jacob, was interviewed by both KSL channel 5, and Fox News channel 13. He's quoted in the KSL news article as saying that he is Clinton's greatest supporter in Provo (I can be seen in the background in the video feed during his interview clip). In addition, my mother and brother were both interviewed and quoted in the evening news. We taped it, of course, so if you wish to see it, just come on over sometime!

Hooray for Bill. He is a wonderful speaker with great ideas and an amicable personality. It may be worth it to vote for Hillary just to keep him in some official capacity for our country as the first First Man. I'm sure our nation's status would be improved around the world if this were the case. I for one am not at all disappointed in spending $50 dollars on Hillary's campaign for the honor of meeting and listening to this great man.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Pandora -- New Music

I know I was introduced to this a long time ago, but I haven't begun actually using this very cool internet radio until recently. It allows you to name a band (or bands) that you enjoy, and it proceeds to play similar sounding music from various artists, including the one you named. The system they use to determine the validity of a song based on your song choices is quite incredible. I rarely get a song I don't like, and when I do, I simply click on the 'thumbs-down' icon and I never get that song again, nor any songs similar.

I have been introduced to many new artists through this device, and it's also the best free internet radio I have found available. It never cuts out on me and keeps me with the type of music I like. I've set up a few different channels based on what sort of music I may be in the mood for, and I'm able to keep good songs of certain types on their respective channels. I highly recommend this for anyone that's allowed to listen to music at work, or that likes to listen to music while browsing the internet.


P.S. - Thanks for reading this whole letter, even though it was really long-winded and not very understandable. I know I have the tendency to divert off-topic sometimes, and in a letter it is more difficult for me to remain laconic. I hope it's not too annoying for you and you get at least a little bit out of it. You are a great person to have read all of the pages without merely skimming through them or skipping them entirely. I'm sure you can assist me in these matters without too much trouble. I really do appreciate your help in these matters, and I eagerly await your response.

P.P.S. - I just realized I forgot to write a letter to go along with this P.S. I hope it makes sense anyways and you're still able to help, because I'm totally done writing.

P.P.P.S. - That letter doesn't make any sense at all. I just read it. There's no way I'm sending this out to you, so don't bother reading it. Thank you.

P.P.P.P.S. - I changed my mind. I've written the body of the letter. It follows:

Dear Sir (or Madam),

Please read the following P.S. remarks and tell me if they would be fit to publish in your magazine P.S.: Snippets from the Ends of Letters. I have worked hard to create P.S.'s that stand alone in their brilliance while also supplementing the letter they go to. Here are a few ideas I've had that I feel would truly help your magazine's readership in their enjoyment of their bimonthly perusal:

[editor's note: 281 paragraphs excised for length]

I have many more P.S. remarks on their way, but I thought I would send a small sample first. You're welcome. I await your reply.