Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Masterpiece

I have decided to write a masterpiece. Sometime tonight, or in the near future, I will commence on this endeavor and you will all be blessed by the fruits of my labors. So, beware of that, and I'll keep you updated on the progress of the work. Masterpieces are cool!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Year of Decision Ahead

So, with 2006 gone, it's time to move ahead to 2007. This will be an interesting year, as it will be, for me, a year of decision. My first decision will be what to do with my Summer. I have the opportunity to go to Moscow and intern for the Summer. That would be cool, but would cost me a heap of cash. Financially, probably not the best choice, but, currently it's at the top of my Summer plans. Alternatively, I could stay in town and finish school this Summer. I would then be graduated by Fall, without dealing with that pesky Fall semester. However, what would I do then? Find a job? Am I planning on graduate school? I'd like to ... but then I must take the GRE sometime this Summer. I should probably do that anyways, so I can take it before they make all the changes they're planning to make to it. Even if I leave this Summer, I'll be graduating by the end of Fall semester, which would be around this time next year. So, I have to decide. I hate deciding things. I'm sure it will all turn out okay, but, still, 2007 represents for me the crashing down of reality on my world of educational bliss.