Thursday, April 19, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

It's been awhile since I've last blogged. I feel like posting something today, in order to take my mind off all my assignments and tests due before the end of finals. My masterpiece has been postponed, due to the accumulation of schoolwork, as well as another important facet of my life, which could be considered my masterpiece. In any event, I'm still alive, and that's a good thing, in my opinion.

A few musings, while I'm at it:

VT Shooting:
My mind keeps thinking about how easy that could happen at BYU. I can almost see the news headlines: "Our hearts go out to the quiet Mormon community in Provo, UT, where no one suspected freshman student ______ ________ to attack his fellow classmates in broad daylight ..." Of course, I don't know who would do such a thing here, but it's every bit as possible as it was at Virginia Tech. And there's really not a good way to prevent it. You just have to realize the odds are against it happening.

I've seen some very good ones recently, not the least of which is Grindhouse. I love Robert Rodriguez and everything he does, so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this film. This was like "From Dusk Till Dawn," only with less effort in character development and more effort in gore. It was masterfully done. It made me remember why I love movies so much. That discussion is probably best saved for a later post, however.

In connection with movies, my friends Steve, Patrick, Andrew, and some others were involved in filming a new comedy about people with disabilities. No, not those types of disabilities ... silly disabilities. Fake disabilities. It'll be good, I think. It was fun to be involved, even if it was only for a day. I wish I had more time to devote to this sort of thing. I'll post the link when it's available.

I love studying, writing papers, and research. I've always known this, but this semester it has become more apparent than ever. I don't think I ever want to leave school. The idea of graduating in August and going to work is quite frightening. I don't mind working, but I would really rather study.

I only like chocolate in small quantities, except for on rare occasions. This Easter made me realize, lots of chocolate at once makes me sick. I much prefer sour candies.

Canker Sores:
They really suck.

Russian Literature of the 20th Century:
About to go study for my final tomorrow. I just thought I should put a shout-out here to Chekhov, Andreev, Gorky, Bunin, Blok, Sholokhov, Babel, Zamyatin, Bulgakov, Kharms, Mandelshtam, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Pasternak, Platonov, Solzhenitsyn, Shalamov, Aksyonov, Bitov, Petrushevskaya, Ulitskaya, and Brodsky for the great insight and meaning they've given to my life this semester. I didn't know half of these authors existed before the beginning of this schoolyear. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to read literature that describes life through uniquely developed eyes to seek out one or two works by any of the aforementioned authors. Contact me for recommendations.

I'll be graduating in August, but first I have to take calculus. I'm already worried. It'll be the first time in awhile that I'll be taking a class I don't want to be in, won't learn to love, and probably won't do well in. It'll be a lot of work that I don't want to do. Why it's required for the Food Science major is beyond even the faculty at BYU. Oh well, maybe I'll learn something.

In connection with graduation, I'll be taking tickets at the April commencement, famous for its association with Dick Cheney. I imagine I'll have a number of upset relatives of graduating students wanting to come in without tickets, and I will have to turn them away. Sad day for me. Sad day for everyone. I assure you all, Dick Cheney's speech will be very boring.

I want to go back again. Last Summer I had an internship that allowed me the chance to go back and get paid for it. This Summer -- no such luck. Instead I'll be here taking the last couple of classes required for my diploma.

San Francisco:
My plans are set to fly out to San Francisco on the 27th. I've been wanting to see this city again for a long time. I haven't been there since I was young. Hopefully, I'll get to see the Full House house while I'm there, as well as some of the classic settings from Mrs. Doubtfire.

My masterpiece is being officially postponed until after school is completely finished. It just wasn't coming along as a masterpiece, I'm afraid; and I don't have time to spend on a mediocrepiece.

I'm still not sure how much I want to update this blog. It just doesn't hold much fascination for me. It's all Patrick's fault. He was the first to clue me in to the silliness of such things.

I was just thinking today, in the shower, how cool it is that we lived through the year 2000. I mean, I can imagine people living in the year, say 1300, and talking about the year 2000, as if it was a date that would never happen. It was 700 years off, for crying out loud! But, here we are. Pretty cool. Why it took until the year 2007 for me to have this feeling, I don't know. I guess I'm about 7 years slow on the uptake.

My Dog:
He's in my room sleeping. I don't have the heart to wake him up. He's very old.

These are awesome inventions. I'm going to go look up the history of them on Wikipedia right now.